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Let's continue to rise above all of the hardships that we experience as a society. Together, we can!
"Mrs. Fonda Muhammad is an exceptional educator, facilitator, and person of extraordinary character. Her ability to motivate and inspire the youth that she teaches is something that is not achieved without gifted capabilities. I have worked collaboratively with her for over twenty years during the many productions at Van Wyck Junior High School, Wappingers  Falls, NY, including The Prince and the Pauper, The Wiz, Seussical the Musical, Fiddler on the Roof, and Annie to name a few.
Fonda's actors begin as apprentices of the theater and emerge not only as seasoned veterans of the stage, but as leaders as well. Wallflowers bloom and spread their branches to radiate energy and a love for both theater and life. Students learn the art of working together, and also learn that hard work and responsibility are the keys to success both on stage and in their interactions with peers and adults.
Fonda is a rare commodity among educators, a sincere role model and source of positive energy for students hungry and eager to transform themselves into competent leaders.  Students fortunate enough to participate in Leaders by Choice "Theater Art Works" will join the hundreds of students who have journeyed beyond the stage and emerged as positive leaders."


Andrea Buergers

Music Teacher/Choral Director

Van Wyck JHS

Wappingers Falls, NY

"LBC Theater has impacted me positively as a leader and performer by making me work harder to achieve my dreams of becoming an actress. It has given me more security when I am onstage, which I believe will play a huge role and have a big impact on my career.  LBC has also helped me become more confident."

6th Grade Student

"LBC has impacted my daughter positively in more ways than one. During the production and rehearsals of The Wiz, her memorization, effective communication skills, solid teamwork with peers and overall dedication to task completion have all risen. Most notably her innate passion for acting was stoked. What started as just an after school convenience turned into a stunning display of acting and due diligence put forth by our daughter, with the help of LBC! So proud!"

—Parent of 4th Grade Student