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Our Mission

The mission of the Leaders By Choice - LBC is to provide youth with a safe, caring, and inspiring environment that offers both leadership and performing arts skills.  


Our Story

Many of today's youth struggle with low self-esteem, self-acceptance, peer pressure, and limited communication skills.  At Leaders by Choice, these concerns are addressed by introducing young people to performing arts and other creative outlets.  We challenge students to learn how to effectively communicate while collaborating both on the stage and within the entire learning community.

Our purpose is multifaceted.  We aim to develop students' theater skills as well as their leadership skills, cultivating the artist and activist in each child.  We also aim to guide each student toward responsible self-management of their own behavior as they engage in richly motivating and challenging leadership experiences.

It is our belief that students learn best in an accepting, consistent, and secure environment where all individuals are respected and appreciated for their uniqueness and talents.  LBC is a BITOC organization that was founded and is led by a Black Muslim woman who identifies as a BIPOC.  It offers its services to people embracing all races, religions, creeds, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and national origins found in the human family.

The vision of LBC is to teach, nurture, and develop youth on how to become effective leaders by way of the arts.  We will encourage and stimulate the potential of each child, while also providing for their physical, emotional, and social growth.  We guide young people to become positive contributors in their local communities as well as our society at large, utilizing skills that ensure they will be heard.

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